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Site Dedication

This site is dedicated to Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, our mother in the Faith, and to Saint Jude, who has interceded for us on more than one occasion :-)

Our Mission

To Make Sacred Moments of the Minutes in the Margin

We're all so busy nowadays that sometimes the most important things get pushed out to the margins. What if there was a resource we could access anywhere, anytime, that would help us make the most of those minutes in the margin and reconnect with Who and what is really important?

At The Mobile Catholic, our mission is not to provide an exhaustive application that overwhelms with hundreds of prayers and devotions, but rather a pocket app of the essentials, to help today's busy Catholics build, maintain, and increase their spiritual momentum.

Our Inspiration

Mobile devices are mandatory for many of us today; a Rosary, all too often, is not, and can easily be neglected. When jQuery Mobile was released, we were inspired by the possibility of developing a truly mobile Rosary, one built not of beads and links, but of computer code; one that was carried not in our pockets, but in the browser of every device with an internet connection: a single Rosary that could be used by any number of people, at the same time, anywhere in the world.

When we had the Rosary proof-of-concept in place, we realized that, with a little more work, we could extend the concept to include other prayers, readings, and devotions, and The Mobile Catholic was born.

Our History

We are a husband and wife team from Bucyrus, KS. We became Catholics in 1996, shortly after learning to pray the Rosary. We were converted through the intervention of several friends, an elderly couple who mentored us, and the Rosary and The Gold Book of Prayers (which later became the inspiration for the Mobile Catholic).

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Tech Info

Why a "mobile web app"?

Because we wanted the content to be truly mobile, always available.

A "web app" is a web site that functions like an app that you would install on your device. It may be a little slower than a true app, but the upside is that it isn't installed - it lives on the web, so you can use it on any device that has an internet connection.

jQuery Mobile has built upon the ubiquity of the web and created a "mobile web app" platform that, while optimized for mobile devices, can intelligently respond to larger devices, like tablets and PCs.

The end result is a site that looks great and functions well on any device - smartphone, tablet, or computer; a mobile web app that doesn't need to be installed to be used; and one that is always available on every device that has an internet connection.

JavaScript Required

The Mobile Catholic is built entirely on the jQuery Mobile framework, so JavaScript is required to view it correctly.

If the site looks "wrong," you may need to activate JavaScript in your browser. See browser settings to adjust this.

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